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2017 Umpire Clinic

2017 North Carolina Umpire Association Clinic Dates Welcome to the 2017 NCUA baseball season. Following our best season as an organization, we have added additional baseball this year and plan to improve upon the momentum built from 2016.  Below are the NCUA clinic dates. It is mandatory that all umpires attend the class room clinic plus at least one … Continue reading

2016 NCUA Umpire Clinic

2016 North Carolina Umpire Association Clinic Dates Welcome to the 2016 NCUA baseball season. Coming off a fantastic 2015, we plan to become a better organization during the coming year. Below are the NCUA clinic dates. We ask that all umpires attend a clinic plus at least one day of on-field training. Umpires attending both receive first priority when the … Continue reading

2015 Rules Changes

Hey Guys, First of all, we really want to say thank you to every single umpire that showed up to the clinic on Saturday. We feel the meeting was a success and hope that those who attended walked away feeling more knowledgeable about baseball. Those who came out will be rewarded with first preference when … Continue reading

Matt Kemp Video

While I don’t agree with all of the comments that Matt Kemp makes during this video, there is one clear reason why Dale Scott had a questionable strike zone during the 2014 National League Division Series. Here’s a look at Kemp’s comments spliced with video of Kemp in the box. After today’s meeting, take a look … Continue reading

2015 Umpire Clinic

Welcome to the 2015 NCUA Baseball Season. The 2014 season was a successful one, but we know there can be improvements made to better the organization this year. It is highly encouraged for all umpires to attend this clinic plus at least one day of on the field training. Umpires that attend both will get first priority when the season … Continue reading

2014 Umpire Training Dates

Welcome to the 2014 NCUA Baseball Season. The 2013 season was an incredible one, but we want to make the upcoming year of 2014 even better. It is mandatory for all umpires to attend one clinic plus at least one day of on the field training. Teamwork is highly encouraged in order to make the 2014 season an … Continue reading

Preparation for On-Field Clinics

First of all, my father and I would like to say thank you to every umpire who made it out yesterday to our final in-class clinic. We had a good group in attendance and hope everyone came out of the clinic with a better understanding of umpiring baseball. In preparation for the on-field clinics — … Continue reading

Welcome back umpires!

This new website, created just for North Carolina Umpire Association (travel baseball) and Central Carolina Umpire Association (recreational baseball), will be your guide throughout the season. While we are still working out the kinks, we hope to have everything working by the end of February to allow everyone to be able to access the website … Continue reading